Monday, December 19, 2011

A quick note on Cardas Hexlink speaker wire

Not a formal review, since I'm using this wire in a bi-amp system:

As part of my recent bi-amp setup, I decided to finalize the wire selection.  For the bass panel of the Magnepan 1.6QRs, I went with a pair of Kimber 8PR speaker wire.  This classic can pass enough current to handle the big power of the Threshold amplifier.  For the treble section, I went with a used pair of Cardas Hexlink 5-C wire via Audiogon.  At one time Hexlink was the top of the Cardas line. 

As usual, I wasn't expecting much difference with changing speaker wires, but I sure was surprised.  The Hexlink has a big sound - warm and almost golden - that lets the music breathe with ease and power.  I certainly wouldn't call it uber-detailed or very transparent - but it sure is musical and very enjoyable for long-term listening sessions.  As usual, the Kimber did a great job with the bass - sound very detailed, speedy, and with no overhang.

I just love it when a system comes together.

preamp: Threshold FET-10/HL modified for bi-amping
phono preamp: Audio Sector Phono Stage
amplifiers: Threshold S/500 (bass) and Yaqin MC-10T (treble)
analog: VPI HW19 MkIII - Rega RB300 with Incognito wiring - modified Denon DL-103R
speakers: Magnepan 1.6/QR with Sound Anchor Stands
speaker cable: Kimber 8PR (bass) and Cardas Hexlink 5c (treble)
Interconnects: Cardas Cross, Canare Starquad (to bass amp), Cardas Quadlink 5C (to treble amp)